Journey of stone

Journey of stone

It takes several years for nature to bring you this fine-grained varietyof limestone, which looks stunning and is also durable for construction purposes.

Kota stone is a fine-grained variety of limestone,which has to be quarried from the right natural sources. Sethi Stone bring you the most coveted patterns and textures from all over the world.

This raw stone has to be transported with utter care and even the storage has to be well equipped with tools and machinery to handle stone with care.

: The rough stones are then polished in a circular machine one by one. Water and sand is added at aregular interval to get that perfect shine.

The stone is then cut and grated to get the perfect measurement of tile. Our proficient quality assurance team monitors this process very meticulously every day so that we can render you a fine 90° edge cut stone.

perfectly grated 90° edge cut tiles are then box packed safely and a few tiles go in our display section for you to select the best pattern or texture for your venture.

Finally, our skillful staff helps and assist you in choosing the right stone for your space and look after until the stone is properly installed at its designated place.